Spex Benefits

For Insurance Carriers

“Spex and technologies like Spex provide us a greater level of consistency and accuracy in our field service work. We appreciate that value for faster and better claims processing.”

A Vice President of Vendor Management at top 10 Insurance Carrier

Insurance carriers are looking to drive more accuracy, more consistency and better customer experiences from their field service work. The resulting benefit is efficiencies to Loss Adjustment Expenses and better overall collection of property intelligence. The Spex platform provides the ultimate solution to enable more consistent, more informative field data and documentation. In connection with the Spex Protocols Engine™, carriers can configure the required field tasks they seek, how and when those tasks are completed and the deliverables produced from that project information.

For Independent Adjusting Firms and TPA’s

“Digital platforms like Spex enable us to create better documentation and deliverables for our carrier partners. We anticipate increasing our use of Spex to handle much of the CAT and daily work we cover moving forward.”

An EVP of Claims at a top 3 TPA

Today, adjusters are tasked with inspecting, scoping and estimate writing, a particularly challenging set of responsibilities during high volume scenarios. Challenges have also increased due to demanding file requirements and higher expectations from carriers.

With Spex, adjusters are able to accurately and rapidly capture higher quality inspection photos and scope notes. Inspections can be conducted offline or online, stored in the cloud and easily transferred to other team members as necessary. Field adjusters can swiftly move from property to property with better focus on customer service and thorough inspection documentation.

For Restoration and Construction Firms

“Spex enabled us to reduce work volume at Fort McMurray from three weeks to three hours.”

Pat Foisey, Claim Assist Canada

Today, most contractors are slowed by analog inspection tools and a lack of solutions for collaborating with internal personnel as well as insurance adjusters and carriers.

With Spex, contractors can more efficiently and effectively document inspections. They can also utilize SpexReports® for sales purposes, bid/estimate approval, and ongoing collaboration with the insurance adjuster.