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Introducing Spex 3

Brett Goldberg | November 16, 2015

I’ve been passionate about the core problems we solve since I first joined Spex two years ago. Today’s insurance and construction field users have been stuck in a world that relies on “analog tools” like clipboards and digital cameras. As a result, customers become frustrated with slow cycle times and there is limited point-of-inspection documentation and data. The related operations have changed little, if at all, in twenty years. Spex was founded, three years ago, to dramatically improve the status quo.

We’re launching Spex 3 this month and are incredibly excited about what it means for the industry. This new version significantly accelerates the inspection process and creates key efficiencies along the way. A customer, who recently tested Spex 3, called this version a “clipboard on steroids.” Another called it “tailor made for high volume inspection environments.” Our team is highly motivated to solve real problems for our customers and partners; to make our industry better off today than it was yesterday. Spex 3 is a major step towards that goal.

My favorite part about Spex 3 is its ease of use. The Spex Field App, in particular, needs to be so simple that a newer adjuster or contractor could pick it up and begin using it with limited training. That objective is fundamental to the mobile technology environment. Spex 3 achieves that goal. There are several other features of Spex 3 we’re very excited about, all fueled by our growing customer needs: the Web Dashboard is mobile responsive, we’ve made the Spex Report exportable and we’re integrating with Spike, the world’s first laser accurate measurement device.

We’re launching Spex 3 this month, starting with a Private Beta. Anyone who is interested can sign-up for that Beta at spexreport.com/v3/ and we’ll send you instructions for accessing it. As part of the Sign-up, we’re working with our partner, ikeGPS, to provide a discount on their incredible Spike laser measurement devices.

We’re thrilled by the initial customer response to Spex 3. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Spex might be able to assist your organization.

Brett Goldberg
CEO of Spex