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Fort McMurray and Catastrophe Claims

Brett Goldberg | May 13, 2016

We’re preparing to support several Canadian firms with the creation of SpexReport® following the Fort McMurray wildfires this month.

Fort McMurray will go down as the worst catastrophe in the history of Canada. An “ocean of fire” engulfed the region, forcing over 80,000 Alberta residents were forced to evacuate their homes. Our hearts go out to those that have been affected by this natural disaster.

Catastrophes like this result in significant challenges for carriers and their service providers: ultra-high volumes of claims in a compressed period, reliance on a range of inspector skill levels, inconsistencies in field documentation and policyholders that are frustrated and trying to rebuild their lives.

Spex was invented for situations like Fort McMurray. Our field tools enable faster, better capture of inspection documentation and the SpexReport® functions as the source of truth for what was inspected, when and by whom. Spex provides transparency and vital communications between various collaborators during catastrophes. It enables standardization of inspection protocols and better communication between the field and administrators.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide a new kind of solution for this event and help enable the restoration of this Canadian community.

More to come.

Brett Goldberg
CEO of Spex