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A Fort McMurray Case Study, Part 1

| June 24, 2016

The Situation

Claim Assist Canada (CAC) is a third party property inspection agency based in Calgary, Alberta.  They work closely with insurance adjusters (IAs) and restoration contractors on inspections, scoping and estimating for the property & casualty insurance industry.

In Spring 2016, CAC began looking for a new approach to their field workflows.  They specifically sought out an efficient, digital platform for their property inspections to help streamline the process.  CAC identified Spex as a viable solution for their needs and began testing the platform on insurance claim inspections in the Calgary area.

In May 2016, CAC was hired by several businesses to support the massive Fort McMurray fires in Alberta, the largest wildfire evacuation in Canada’s history.  CAC turned to Spex as an important part of its operations for the catastrophic event.    

The Results

CAC began using Spex for a significant number of Fort McMurray property inspections starting in early June 2016.  All inspections have been conducted in the Fort McMurray fire zone and synced to CAC administrators who review the inspections and create corresponding estimates for insurance carriers and other partners.  

CAC is using Spex to capture more and better inspection data, particularly photos, from damaged properties.  In addition to better field documentation, CAC is benefitting from the division of labor enabled by Spex: field users can focus on inspecting and desk users can focus on estimating and other administration tasks. Spex is, indeed, allowing CAC to complete inspections faster and “from the driveway” of the property.

Here are some highlights from CAC’s initial use of Spex at Fort McMurray in June 2016:

  • CAC has used Spex and produced digital inspection reports for 100% of its inspections during Fort McMurray.

  • CAC has been able to increase its volume of inspections during Fort McMurray from five per day to 25 per day in part through the implementation of Spex.

  • CAC has added five new insurance carrier clients during Fort McMurray in part through their boost in efficiency and quality inspection reports. They are also supporting several new IA and restoration firms.

Customer Quote

“Spex has provided us with an important solution that we were able to quickly deploy for the Fort McMurray wildfires. Spex is a dream software platform we will be basing a large part of our business operations on going forward.”  - Patrick Foisey, Claim Assist Canada Owner