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Introducing Spex for Android

Peter Kruger | August 18, 2016

We’re excited to announce a public Beta Program to test a new version of the Spex platform on Android starting the week of August 22nd. Android support has been a highly requested feature and we are very excited to give current and select, prospective customers the opportunity to test Spex on both Android Tablets as well as Android Smartphones.

Android, as a platform, offers customers a wide array of options in terms of size and price. Spex will support any device running Android 5.0, Lollipop or newer. We have been internally testing the new software on a number of Android smartphone and tablet variants. As we’ve continued to understand our customers and their usage more, we’ve dialed in on what we see as key Android features to include at the launch. We’re also looking forward to now offering a phone alternative to tablets. We have learned that many of the property inspections we support are straightforward enough that a lighter, smartphone version of Spex will work successfully in the field.

The term “Public Beta” refers to an early release of the software that may or may not be fully bug free and/or production ready. We are looking for individuals interested in joining our beta program who will commit to providing feedback on a weekly basis about their experiences.

Why Android?

Android offers the largest variety of devices ranging from $50 Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets to multi-thousand dollar military grade field devices. We feel this variety of hardware empowers our customers to pick the right device for their specific needs. We have tested the aforementioned Fire Tablet and insofar as the hardware supports the feature, the device is fully capable of supporting Spex. It is important to note that with the Kindle, the photo quality is lower and processing speed is somewhat slower due to the hardware Amazon uses on those devices.

Android also makes it easy to develop for tablet and smartphone formats at the same time so we are able to launch with support for both form-factor categories immediately.

Please contact us directly with any questions about preferred Android devices for running Spex.

What’s “in the box”?

This version of Spex is a “lighter” version meaning we will not include every feature currently offered in the iPad app. The Android app supports the following features:

  • Wirelessly sync new reports from the desk
  • Support for offline inspections
  • Internal notes and attachments
  • Creating structures and areas at the point of inspection
  • Capturing and captioning photos
  • Filling out custom forms
  • Wirelessly sync completed reports from the field

How do you get involved in the Android Beta Program?

If you are interested in being involved in the program, please email [email protected]. We will connect with you on a regular basis throughout the program to solicit product feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Our goal is to put the Android App into production as quickly as possible and we are excited to work with our trusted partners to quickly evolve the app to production quality.

Will Spex still support iOS?

Yes, absolutely. Our iPad app has been extremely successful and we are currently developing an iPhone version as well (more to come on that soon…)

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Peter Kruger
Spex Product Manager