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Hurricane Matthew and Insurance Technology

Brett Goldberg | October 6, 2016

We all value technology that creates solutions for us–solutions that make our lives better or easier. As Hurricane Matthew charges towards the United States, solutions that enable efficiency will be at a premium in the weeks ahead. Displaced homeowners will want to return to their property, begin the restoration process and resume their lives. Adjusters or restoration contractors backlogged by tick sheets, photos on SD cards, diagrams, measurements and estimates will not be able to operate efficiently. At worst, those inefficiencies could lead to fraudulent activities, as was evidenced at Hurricane Sandy.

We learned this summer that Spex enables true efficiencies for our customers. The kind of efficiencies that make things better. One senior insurance adjuster recently told us that Spex allows him to complete his property inspections at the end of the day and then feel at peace. He was talking about the kind of peace that comes from being “done.” He isn’t halfway done with his task load. He doesn’t need to head to the hotel room and write estimates until midnight to comply with carrier SLAs. He knows he can grab a beer or dinner and relax since he’ll be back in the field the next day.

Spex enabled users on daily claims to reduce Cycle Times by up to 50% this summer. Spex eliminates steps involved in transferring inspection documentation back to an office location for QA and file completion. Patrick Foisey of Claim Assist Canada (CAC) used Spex for 100% of his inspections at Fort McMurray in Canada this summer. CAC used the solution principally for ladder assist inspections and photo documentation. Patrick streamlined tasks that would have taken three weeks at high volumes to three hours. That’s a 99.99% time savings improvement!

Adjusters and contractors aiding in the recovery from Matthew will be hard at work in the days ahead. They will be supporting frustrated, even devastated, homeowners while they forego seeing their families for weeks. Their ability to inspect and scope more properties, during the day, will improve their personal productivity and allow homeowners to rebuild anew more quickly. As we support the recovery efforts, we look forward to buying field personnel a nice dinner to thank them for their recovery efforts. They’ll have the time now to take the break.

Brett Goldberg
CEO of Spex