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Introducing Spex Rollover Plans

Parker Quackenbush | January 23, 2017

We’ve noticed that many of our customers have huge seasonal fluctuations in the amount of work they do. So, we wanted to change our approach to reflect the seasonality that exists in our industry.

How our pricing has historically worked: $250 gets you 25 SpexReports. If you use more than 25 reports - we bill you $10 per report afterward. No Annual Contract.

For a lot of users, this has been reasonable., which is why we are going to continue to offer this pricing option for our software.

However, we’ll be rolling out a new option: Rollover Plans

We still require our monthly minimum of 25 Reports, but if you happen to have a down month, you’ll be able to roll these Reports into the next month.

For example, if in February you only use 20 SpexReports - You’ll start the month of February with 30 SpexReports available.

This - has two main advantages for our customers.

  1. Cost - You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Here’s how it breaks out. Let’s say that you sign up in January, and it’s a slow month for whatever reason. You use 5 Reports. February rolls around and suddenly every person in a five mile radius has a pipe freeze and burst. You do 45 reports. If you weren’t on the rollover plan - your cost would be $700. With the rollover your cost is $500.

  2. CAT Prep and Seasonal Variance

The last thing you want is a hefty bill right after a hurricane hits or hail wreaks havoc on your community. With the way our industry functions, it will take you time to get paid on your work, so we’d rather just charge you when it’s easiest for you.

To be clear - If you burn through all of your SpexReports in one month and go into the negative, we will still charge you for the extra usage, so it’s important that you reach out to your Spex contact to figure out what type of plan would work best for you. If you’re consistently going into the negative - consider upgrading to a larger monthly plan with volume discounts. . You won’t regret it when you’re drowning in work and don’t have to deal with us billing you. Although I think it’s safe to say at this point that using us for your CAT work is not something you’ll ever regret.

To sign up for a Rollover Plan, we just require an annual contract.

We’re excited to be rolling this out, and we hope you’re excited to. If you’d like to hop onto a Rollover plan, reach out to your customer success manager or email us at [email protected]

If you’re not a Spex user yet - well, check us out and schedule a demonstration today. The sooner you start, the less it will cost you if you want to use us for Hail Season, Hurricane Season, Wildfire Season, or whatever fresh hell comes your way.

Parker Quackenbush
Manager, Business Development