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Editing a Report

Overview: Once your field team syncs back a report to the desk, it’s time to take a sweep through it to make sure the right information was collected and the finished product reflects the property and, when necessary, damage, appropriately. You may edit a project at any time - the shared SpexReport® will always reflect the most current edits even if you have shared it some time in the past.

Editing Entry and the anatomy of a “card”

  1. Navigate to Projects tab in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select the project you wish to edit by clicking on the name of the insured
  3. Navigate down to either the attachments section or correct structure or area that contains the entries you’d like to edit.
    a) As you navigate down, you will see the content of each entry on a “card” under the subheading of a given entry type. For example: Photos of the house roof will be under the heading “House”, subheading “Roof”, subheading “Photos”
    b) Delete an Entry:
    i. In the upper right hand corner of each of each card is a trash can icon - if clicked, you will see a popover confirmation asking if you are sure you want to delete that entry. If you select, it will fully remove that content from our system.
    c) Editing Captions: (Great for providing details about a particular entry)
    i. Click into the field displaying the default caption. Different entry types have different default caption types… if unedited, they will typically say “area #” i.e. “roof 1”
    ii. Once you click-in you can delete the existing caption or append additional information. This field accepts up to 256 characters so you can communicate a substantial amount of information in the caption. Note: you will not see all of a caption if it is longer than the text field provided but the content will be there, unseen. To check and make sure you have all the information you would like to provide, click the “SpexReport” button at the top of the project and navigate down to that entry - it should display your complete content.
    d) Sharing/Unsharing Content:
    i. At the bottom of each card is an option to “share” that entry. By default, all entries are “shared” meaning they will display on the shared SpexReport. If you choose to turn sharing off, simply select the “no” option.
    ii. To check and make sure you are sharing the correct content, navigate to the top of the report and click on the “SpexReport” button of the project you are working on. That SpexReport reflects exactly what you are sharing out.
    e) Moving an Entry from one Area or Structure to Another: (currently not a streamlined process but these are the steps to follow as a best practice - not available on tablet or smartphones or Form entries)
    i. Navigate to the top of the project in mind
    ii. Click on the “SpexReport” button in the upper right hand corner of the project
    iii. Click the “export” button in the upper right hand corner and then “All Assets Archive”
    1. Note the location of the archive (it should be your browser’s default location)
    iv. Go back to the project editor
    v. Navigate down to the content you’d like remove and turn the shard option to “no” for each entry (note: you could also delete the content but this is not recommended as a best practice)
    vi. Navigate the structure/area you’d like to move the content to and click the “+ Entry” button to the right of the area header (note: you may need to create a new structure or area, you can do this by clicking “+ Structure” and “+ Area”)
    vii. Select the type of content you are moving to the new area
    viii. Navigate to the recently downloaded asset archive
    ix. Navigate to the correct content
    x. Select the content you’d like to upload
    xi. Click “open”