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Project Manager

Overview: This article covers the various ways you can manage your projects in the Project Manager.

  1. Click on the “Projects” Button in the upper right hand corner. The top section of the Projects page hosts a number of tools to help you sort, filter and search your various projects.
    a) Filtering:
    - Search: By clicking into the search bar you can search any aspect of a project’s Name, Address, Loss/Inspection Type, Task, Insurance Company, Claim Number or Policy Number. Simply type in the searched for information and the list will filter to that specific search criteria.
    - Status: Filter by any of the following status’: Closed, Complete, In Progress, Overdue & Unassigned. You can also filter by more than one status at a time.
    - Assigned To User: Filter by one or more team members to see what reports are assigned to whom.
    - Postal Code: Spex automatically generates this list based on the reports found in the system, filter by a specific set of Postal Codes to see projects in a specific area.
    - Assigned To Team: Filter by a single team or multiple teams to see what projects are with which groups of people in your organization.
    - Report Profile: Report Profiles are typically used to prepare reports in a specific way for a third party company (e.g. a carrier) - this filter will allow you to see which projects are assigned which Report Profile - the options here will populate based on what you have set up in settings.
    b) Sorting:
    - Insured / Address: Sorts the list by Address in alphabetic order
    - Assigned Date / Assigned User: Sorts the list by Assigned Date in chronological order
    - Assigned Team / Report Profile: Sorts the list of reports alphabetically by team
    - Created: Sorts the list chronologically by the time it was originally created
    - Last Sync: Sorts the list by last time the report was synced from the field
    - Status: Sorts the list by status alphabetically
    c) Using these two features to manage projects is one the fastest ways to manage a large number of projects. Let’s look at a couple of examples.
    EXAMPLE 1: Let’s say you have just added geographic teams to your Spex Settings for field inspections and you want to assign all open projects to the correct Inspection team based on geography.
    - Filter by “In Progress” and “Overdue”
    - Filter by correct Postal Codes
    - Choose the select box to the left of the column headers and then choose “All”
    - Use the “Bulk Edit” feature at the bottom of the page to assign the correct new team
    EXAMPLE 2: Let’s say you have just heard back from a carrier that they would like you to brand the reports with their info for all “In Progress” reports.
    - Set up a new Report Profile in settings with the carrier’s logo and information.
    - Return to the Project Manager and search by the carrier’s name
    - Filter to “In Progress”
    - Choose the select box to the left of the column headers and then choose “all”
    - Use the “Bulk Edit” feature at the bottom of the page to assign the new Report Profile
  2. Transfer: Found at the bottom of the Project Manager page next to Bulk Edit, this tool allows you to transfer a group of projects from one account to another account. Accounts are generally equitable to “company”. For most people, you will work in only one account but in certain scenarios, it may be useful for you to transfer projects from one account to another.