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April 20, 2016

Release Summary

Summary: Improved Sync speed and reliability for the field app, new sort by column header and company logo upload and display in spex report.

What’s New:

Field App
  • A reworked sync button to more clearly display a reports current state
  • New sync buttons in the Inspection List and Inspection Brief
  • The ability to sort by column header in the inspection list, user list and options pages

What’s Improved:

Field App
  • Much improved speed in syncing, particularly with larger Spex Reports
  • Improved sync stability
  • We now prevent the iPad from falling asleep when syncing
  • Improved speed in “Close Inspection” (formerly Archive Inspection)
  • The ability to upload a Company Logo
  • Display Company Logo in Summary
Shared Spex Report
  • Displays Company Logo in Summary

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed due date bug on internal spex report (it was displaying the due date twice, now one is the date and the other is ‘from now’ - eg. 3 days ago)

Known Issues:

Field App
  • The app occasionally crashes if you lose network connectivity during a sync. If you do experience a crash, simply relaunch the app and tap sync again. We are actively working to resolve this bug.