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June 30, 2016

Release Summary

New SpexReport® layout & design, New PDF Photo Sheet Feature, New Sync Tools, Improvements to Dashboard, Forms & Team Switcher

What’s New:

Field App
  • New Sync Tools: Sync now pushes everything it possibly can when asked to sync. If an error occurs with a singly entry (like a diagram or photo), Sync will save everything it can to the dashboard and report back that an error has occurred.
  • Introduced a New version of the Team Switcher and moved it to the Report List page in the middle of the header.
  • Brand New Layout and Design:

    • Better handling of photo orientation and layout
    • Faster load times for the Report as a whole and when viewing specific entries
      • More information provided when viewing an entry
  • PDF Photo Sheet Export

    • Exports SpexReport® as a standard PDF Photo Sheet
    • Minimizes File Size while maintaining high quality photos
    • Provides detailed information on who, when, where and why directly pulled from the SpexReport®
      Check out both here! Tap “export” in the upper right-hand corner to view the PDF Photo Sheet
      Check out our Feature Highlight Video on PDF Photo Sheet here!
  • New features page covering specific product features: spexreport.com/features
  • New Getting Started Video Series - Check out our YouTube Playlist here!

What’s Improved:

Field App
  • Improved photo capture performance
  • Improvements to the forms UI and performance
  • Improved Internal Notes text entry
  • Large improvements in speed and layout of Reports
  • Team handling improvements

What’s Fixed:

Field App
  • Dropbox import from Field App
  • Various bugs and improved stability